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Did you know that the easiest way to replace a damaged, defective, expired or soon to expire myki cards is on the spot at any staffed metropolitan train station, myki enabled V/Line train station or at one of our four PTV Hubs.

Please Note: If you replace a damaged or defective myki card that cannot be read at a PTV Hub, premium metropolitan station or staffed V/Line station, the transfer of any remaining balance from your original myki card to your new myki card will not be immediate. To travel immediately you will need to top up your new myki card with myki money or a myki pass to ensure you are travelling with a valid ticket.

In this case, the transfer of your remaining myki passes from your original myki card to your new myki card will take up to 36 hours, and the transfer of your remaining myki money from your original myki card to your new myki card will take up to 7 days.

If you can’t get to a station or PTV Hub, please complete our online form. If replacing a damaged or defective card, you need to send us your myki card, along with a print out of your replacement request, before we can send you a new myki.

Please note: unregistered myki cards that have been lost or stolen cannot be replaced.

How to replace your myki:

Replace your myki card because it has expired, or will expire soon, is damaged or defective or is a registered myki that has been lost or stolen.

  • If you replace your damaged or defective, expiring soon or expired myki on the spot PTV Hub , staffed premium metropolitan station or staffed V/Line station (within the myki boundary), you will need to give the staff member the myki card that you are replacing.
  • If your registered myki card is lost or stolen, you can have your myki card replaced at any PTV Hub with the balance transferred within 7 days. You will need to provide identification to show that you are the registered myki card holder.
  • If you use our online Replace your myki form to replace a damaged or defective myki, or a personalised myki, you will need to send the myki card you want to replace to us.

Before completing the online myki replacement web form, please note the following conditions:

Myki pass and myki money:

If your original myki holds a myki pass or myki money , PTV will automatically transfer the remaining value to your replacement card.

For soon to expire myki cards, please continue to use your current myki card until the card expiry date. The balance of any myki pass or myki money will be transferred to your new card five (5) days after your current myki card has expired.

Auto top-up:

If you have auto top up on your original myki, this service will not be transferred to your new replacement myki.

You will need to set up a new auto top up for your new card when you receive it to continue to travel using auto top up.

Change in concession:

To replace your myki using this web form, you must be requesting the same fare concession type as your original myki.

For example: replacing a full fare myki with another full fare myki, or a student concession myki with another student concession myki, or a seniors concession myki with another seniors concession myki.

If you are no longer entitled to a concession myki, and now need to obtain a full fare myki instead, you will need to purchase a new myki with the full fare travel entitlement.


If you require a replacement of a Student Pass, you must return to the station where you originally obtained the Student Pass to lodge your replacement application.

Free Travel Pass holders:

If you require a Replacement Free Travel Pass, please contact:

750 Collins Street
Docklands 3008

Or call us on 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight daily)

Or write to us at:

Public Transport Victoria
PO Box 4724
Docklands VIC 3008

You're always ready to travel with myki auto top up.