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Apply for a Reimbursement

A reimbursement is a credit we provide for myki money deducted or pass days elapsed. A reimbursment may be made where there has been a ticketing or equipment fault, where you have a medical condition that has impacted your ability to travel or where we consider special circumstances exist to warrant a reimbursement. Reimbursements may be credited to your myki or paid into your bank account.

Note: Reimbursement claims related to service delivery including delays or cancellations must be lodged by completing the PTV Feedback form.


Claim back value for travel which has been taken (myki money or myki pass). Conditions apply.

myki ticket equipment faults

If there is a myki ticket sale or system fault that has resulted in an incorrect charge, or you are unable to touch off and you subsequently pay a default fare which is higher than the fare you should have paid, please complete an application for a reimbursement online.

Your application will be reviewed and cross referenced with our system that monitors our ticketing equipment to ensure that your application is reviewed and processed as quickly as possible.

For more information contact us on 1800 800 007 (6am – midnight daily).

Medical conditions

If you have unused myki Pass days on your card because a medical condition prevented you from travelling, you can apply for reimbursement.

Wait until your myki Pass has expired and include a doctor’s certificate for all the days claimed in your application. Statutory declarations can’t be accepted as evidence.

You must have been unable to travel for a minimum number of days:

  • 7 day myki Pass – at least three business days missed
  • 28 to 69 day myki Pass – at least seven days missed
  • 70 to 365 day myki Pass – at least seven days missed, plus two days for every 30 days the pass could have been used.


Applications for V/Line Date-to-Date refunds should be made at the issuing V/Line ticket office. Bring copies of any documentary evidence to support your application.

V/Line damaged tickets

Tickets that are damaged can become invalid through:

  • Heat damage
  • Water damage
  • Being bent, punched through, torn, cut or chewed
  • Being covered in dirt or other foreign substance
  • Damage that exceeds normal wear and tear.

A damaged ticket will be replaced where the station that issued the ticket can be identified and a completed V/Line Refund Application Form (link opens in a new window) is submitted.

Retain your ticket and take it to a ticket office at a staffed V/Line station to verify the replacement ticket.

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