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Apply for a full refund of the remaining value on your myki card


Convert the remaining value of myki pass days to myki money

Refunds - things you need to know:

  • Only full refunds can be made.
  • Once a myki has been refunded it is cancelled and cannot be used for travel anymore
  • If you have a myki pass that you’ve partially used, we’ll calculate your refund by deducting the fare for the time that’s already passed. For more information visit 'Calculating your refund'.
  • Partially used myki pass refunds should be submitted as soon as possible, as refunds are calculated on the date the refund was submitted not on the date the pass was last used. The longer it takes to submit a refund the fewer pass days will be eligible for refund. Please visit the PTV website or contact us for more information about calculating pass refund amounts.
  • Expired passes are non -refundable.
  • To make refunds easier for customers during coronavirus (COVID-19) registered customers do not have to send their card to PTV before the refund is processed. If you have an anonymous myki, you can register your myki here.
  • If you don’t wish to register your myki card it must be sent in to PTV before the refund can be processed
  • Anonymous myki card holders may experience delays in receiving their refund due to COVID-19.
  • iUSE card holders should not use this form to apply for an iUSE pass refund and should contact the issuing institution.

Convert your myki pass to myki money

Please note, COVID-19 has resulted in changes to our work location and is limiting access to some systems. As a result, we are currently not able to process requests to convert myki Pass (weekly, monthly or annual travel) to myki Money (pay as you go) onto your myki card.

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